i3 + ClientSpace Integration

Allows users to access advanced workers’ compensation rating analytics from ClientSpace. Schedule a demo to preview the power of i3 Analytics.

The best part? It only takes a few days to get started!

Optimized Workers' Comp Rate

i3 predictive analytics, now built into your ClientSpace CRM, allows you to quickly and easily calculate the optimal billing rate for your clients.

Maximize Profitability

You could be paying your clients to be on your workers’r comp program, we’ll make sure that you’re charging enough for each of your customers.

Industry Data

Leverage the power of our industry database containing data from more than 15,000,000 claims, 46 states and over 700 industries.


Rate Adequacy

Knowledge is power.  We show you where your insurance carrier’s rates may not be enough to cover the losses from your client companies.

Shock Loss Indicator

i3 predictive analytics includes red flag alerts to show you which of your clients have a likelihood of experiencing large dollar claims.

Claims Insight

i3 predictive analytics calculates the forecasted average cost per claim for each of your clients’ occupations and locations.

Schedule a demo and enable your agency with industry leading analytics from i3