SAN FRANCISCO, CA, August 1, 2016 – i3 Analytics LLC (i3), an insurance technology firm, today announced the opening of its new office in San Francisco, California as part of its continued efforts to accelerate innovation for the insurance industry.  The new office, located on the edge of San Francisco’s iconic Financial District, will bring i3 to the center of global technology innovation and thought leadership.

“We continue to expand our research and development capabilities and are investing in facilities and a culture that will enable our team to collaborate for the creation of new insurance analytics solutions,” said Arthur Frisch, Founder and President of i3 Analytics. “Our new San Francisco office will allow us to draw on the quality of the Silicon Valley and Bay Area talent pools to create even greater value for our customers.”

2017 will be a pivotal year for the insurance industry as it embraces emerging technologies and adapts to disruption and innovation.  i3 will continue to serve as a thought leader and a specialist for the insurance industry.

About i3 Analytics LLC

i3 Analytics is an insurtech firm providing web-based analytics software to insurance agencies and carriers.  i3 is located in the San Francisco/Silicon Valley area and is backed by the Insurance Distribution Investing Group (IDIG).  IDIG is a joint venture between private equity firm Dowling Capital Partners and insurance conglomerate the Capacity Group of Companies.  We combine our passion for insurance data with leading software technologies to bring the unrealized and full value of our customers’ data to their fingertips.